The Band

Marcus Eitzenberger

Charging first on every field looking for battle is Marcus

((ex Cryonic and Charlie Shred)) with his Sharp Axe ((Lead Guitar)). He is the master of warcries ((Lead Vocals)) and his voice pierces the night. Craving blood on every swing cutting through any mix of enemies only the sharpest axe is good enough for him. Still no armor have withstood the first swing of Marcus Sharp Axe as he sets the tone for every war anthem and the melody for every feast!

Current Mercenaries Fighting Fierce Battles:
Linus Bergman - Sharp Axe ((Lead Guitar))
Jesper Göras - Blunt Axe ((Rhythmn Guitar))
Lukas Backeström - Big Axe ((Bass))

Oscar Andersson - Dual Hammers ((Drums))

Fallen Warriors of recent war records:
Erik Sundberger - Blunt Axe ((Rhythmn Guitar))
Sebastian Karlsson - Big Axe ((Bass))
Christian Jernberg - Dual Hammers ((Drums))
Anton Franzen - Axeomophone ((Growls))